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Part Number: TK14-21F-B / TK14-21F-S


The MC Baggers Raked Triple Tree is made to improve FL Touring Model motorcycles with ease. You can replace your stock front wheel with a Fat 21" wheel to make your bike look and handle better. The triple tree easily bolts on without needing any modifications to your stock frame. It's a simple and effective way to boost your motorcycle's performance and look.


  • For 2014 and up FL Touring Model bikes
  • Preserves stock front-end setup
  • Fork bump stops provide a hassle free solution to prevent fender interference (Fork limiter is not required!)
  • No fork extension required
  • No bezel required (Triple Tree adjusts headlight angle)
  • 21" Fat ABS Bearing & Polyurethane Riser Bushings Included
  • Trimmed fork cover included
  • Balanced and dynamic steering

Triple Tree Kit, 2014-2023, 21" Fat Wheel

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