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Part Number: NKC14-B / NKC14-C


Enhance your bagger's appearance effortlessly with the MC Baggers Neck Cover. Designed to cover up messy wires and brake lines, this cover a clean and polished look for your neck.



  • Sleek Integration: Designed to fit onto your MC Baggers Steel Kore Rake Kit.
  • Clean Aesthetic: Conceals exposed wires and brake lines for a tidy appearance.
  • Color Options: Available in two colors—black and chrome—to match your bagger's style.
  • Easy Installation: Quick installation with no special tools required.


Upgrade your bagger's visual appeal today with the Stee Kore Neck Cover. Choose your color, enjoy easy installation, and give your ride the style it deserves.

Neck Cover for RK14 Steel Kore Rake Kit

PriceFrom $145.00
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