Corporate History

MC Baggers has been hand-crafting custom motorcycles for over a decade. We have built over 100 custom bikes using our own custom build frame, made up of parts which satisfied customers have called mechanically sound.

Everything we make is given exactly the same attention to detail, resulting in a flawless continuity of style and quality from the first part to the last.


Why MC Baggers?

We use the highest-quality components—as well as the most cutting-edge designs and engineering techniques—to create parts that are solid, durable, and precise, and are easy to install, requiring no modification.

We have focused on developing precision bagger kits that are reliable, safe, and don’t require a
technician to install.

Naturally, customers expect custom parts to be durable, precise, and even more reliable than original parts, but during the ten years spent building custom baggers we often experienced difficulties finding manufacturers that produced the parts of the quality we demand.

We knew something in the regular market would have to change.


Whether you’re pleased or not, your opinion is extremely important to us.

MC Baggers proudly offers the most advanced and affordable custom products on the
market to American consumers and motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the world.

+1 (239) 899-2038 | +82 (2) 464-2038 (outside USA) | Sales@MCBaggers.com